When you understand and meet the needs of your audience, you’ll see your traffic increase and your conversion rate go up. Follow these useful SEO tips to make the most of your marketing strategy.


1. Ask other people for backlinks. This is especially helpful if you’re just starting out with your SEO strategy. Ask your friends, relatives, clients and co-workers to put a backlink to your website on their website. Ideally, they’ll add the backlink in the content itself instead of in the footer or sidebar.

2. Build optimized landing pages. Well-designed landing pages can increase your lead generation and conversion rates. The more of these pages you have, the more opportunities you have to increase search traffic. A landing page is different than your website homepage. It’s a highly targeted page that you direct people to when you want them to take a specific action.

3. Write a testimonial when you have a positive experience with a company’s product or service. Along with the testimonial, you’ll be able to add a backlink to your website.

4. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive. Today, people are viewing websites on a number of different devices. When you make your website readable for mobile viewers, you make sure they stay on the page. Also, you can target mobile users specifically to attract people who are currently on their phone or tablet.

5. If you’re monitoring the Internet for mentions of your business, contact the webmaster to request that a link to your site be added to the mention. When someone mentions your brand, product or service, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask that they add a backlink to your website.

6. Increase your traffic by creating infographics. People love visual information and infographics let you put a lot of high value content into one easy-to-read graphic. Need help creating infographics? Companies like SEO Baton Rouge can work with you to create an SEO strategy.

7. Research the methods your competitors are using. What do their newsletters look like? Which keywords does it seem like they’re targeting based on their website content? What are they posting on social media?

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