Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of modern internet marketing campaigns. In fact, as SEO grows and changes, it becomes even more important to keep up with the latest trends in the world of internet marketing. Many small businesses do not consider SEO to be very important for reaching their marketing goals; however, as Google moves from global to local searches, SEO can be a small to medium-sized business’ best friend. Here are three tips on getting started in SEO for local business owners:

Search engine optimization


The days of keyword stuffing and rehashed content are long gone. Today’s customers and search engines look for creative and original content that is well-focused on your area of business. Current search algorithms are actually designed to search for original content over any copies. Focus on posting or releasing write-ups and infographics that are unique and relevant to your business. Both search engines and your customers will thank you.

Go Social

Your customers used to expect you to have a website, but today’s customers now expect you to have social media accounts, as well. While it all sounds like a bit much, social media can benefit your business in several ways. It is a great way for your customers to share their love for your service or products with their friends. When a satisfied customer can tell 400 of his friends about your business in only a few seconds, everybody wins. Search engines also look for social media activity when ranking a company or business website.

You Don’t Need to Be #1 Right Away

Reaching the number one spot in the page rankings is notoriously difficult. It will take time, energy, and plenty of resources and even then you may not make it. Instead, solidify your ranking by developing trust with customers. Amplify your positive PR so that when a potential lead glances at your headline, a bell of recognition will go off in their heads.

Search engine optimization services offered by firms like Red Stick SEO that serve clients in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and other nearby areas are starting to revolve around local customers looking for local businesses. By focusing on the new things that search engines look for and hiring SEO professionals to help you out, you can put yourself ahead of the competition on several platforms at once.


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