Change is a universal principle cutting across all facets of life; sometimes you are prepared for it and other times, it just takes you by surprise. Nevertheless, it is your ability to respond to that change that ultimately determines whether it is a favorable one or otherwise. Such is the case of the online marketing scene which has over the years, witnessed a revolution in mobile and telecommunication usage.

Internet Marketing for SMEs Three Tips for an Effective Mobile SEO

As a business owner, you should already be familiar with the key role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in internet marketing as well as its resulting effects on website traffic and leads conversion. Back then, people accessed the Internet using laptops and computers, but nowadays mobile devices have captured the space, and so to continue enjoying the dividends of your online marketing strategies, your approach must adapt to accommodate this paradigm shift.

Google has made changes to its search algorithms, with the aim of refining internet surfing on mobile devices. So it really is time for site owners to start working on optimizing their websites for mobile users. Here are 4 handy tips for succeeding in mobile SEO.

Think Like a Psychologist

Always aim to catch the thoughts of mobile users; like what keywords or search phrases they use most often—long tail keywords, keywords with geo locations, or suggested keywords. In mobile internet searches, most people just go with the keyword or phrases suggested by the search engine.

Since their available typing space is quite restricted, mobile users tend to make keywords and key phrases a bit more precise, which have led to mobile-specific keywords. Therefore, try to optimize for mostly trendy keywords.

Great Content Is Still King

This is even more important now because the screen sizes for mobile gadgets are considerably smaller, meaning the average user wouldn’t want to spend too much time reading unnecessary information, but would rather appreciate a straight-to-the-point and relevant content.

Social Media Platforms Remain Vital

Online marketing is a wide network comprised of various interdependent tools, all functioning simultaneously with a single goal. Most mobile internet users today place interesting information on their individual social media accounts, meaning you must have a strong social media marketing campaign and your website must feature social media buttons on each page.

It is worth noting that unless you have a foolproof system that can continually stay up to date with the constant changes in internet marketing, it should be entirely left to professional companies like Red Stick SEO, serving businesses in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and other neighboring areas in Louisiana. By outsourcing, you can focus solely on core business operations and stay ahead of the competition—offline and online.


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