SEO Expert Tips on SEO-Friendly Places to Post Content

Most people wonder how Bufferapp blog posts managed to consistently attract readers in droves and top search results. Bufferapp’s SEO strategy, it turns out, was by no means focused entirely on targets like traffic, conversions, and revenue but rather on content planning and promotion.

Baton Rouge SEO Expert Tips on SEO-Friendly Places to Post Content

Bufferapp is a perfect example of a perfect integration between solid SEO and an equally effective content marketing strategy. These methods, when executed correctly, can enable your business to dominate search results pages and pave the way for a stronger online presence. For the best SEO-friendly places you can publish your content online, Southern California SEO experts have the answer.

Elements of SEO-Centered Content Marketing

Most businesses think merely optimizing their content for search engines should be enough to gain more clicks and generate additional website traffic. On the contrary, an SEO-centered content marketing strategy is all about giving the users the information they seek.

Consequently, your website should have retargeting lists that enable customers to communicate with you long after they leave your site. To this end, you can launch offers to entice your visitors to act now. If calibrated correctly, this strategy should help you create and foster a lasting relationship with customers, and thereby establish trust and authority in your market.

SEO-Friendly Places to Publish Content

Creating locally relevant content is just the first step toward implementing an effective content marketing strategy. Identifying places on the Web where you can publish your content is the next step toward an integrated content marketing strategy. Aside from your website, here are other SEO-friendly places where you can post your content:

  • Local Community Pages and Neighborhood WebsitesIf your target audience is located in a specific community, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find particular websites dedicated to these communities. You must ensure, however, that the forum you choose to post your content is relevant to your business.
  • Social Media. This almost a no-brainer for some, but social media also adds another advantage to your local SEO efforts. Working actively to have your content shared as widely as possible can help in building a network of leads in your area.

In the end, content marketing’s sole focus is to help create value for your customers by meeting their needs. You can harness the synergy between SEO and content marketing with the help of Southern California search engine optimization experts, like those from Red Stick SEO.


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