If you have researched online marketing methods, you may have come across a wealth of information about SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is widely known as a key method to drive traffic to your website. However, when you follow basic principles for SEO, you may not generate the results that you were hoping to. With how effective Baton Rouge search engine optimization can be and with how affordable the solution is, it makes sense to focus more attention on SEO and to learn about why your SEO campaign may not be working.


The Complex Algorithms

There are some intensely complex algorithms used by search engines today, and many who are looking for results from search engine rankings and SEO only use basic techniques. They essentially try to trick the search engines, but the fact remains that search engines are programmed to detect this and to ignore it in their rankings. They look for things like keyword stuffing, and they penalize your ranking for it. In this way, your efforts to use SEO could actually backfire and cause your rankings to drop. On the other hand, the complex algorithms do take into account relevancy. Therefore, simply creating content around a focused topic that is relevant to your audience and naturally interspersing keywords and phrases into it can yield better results.

The Right Target Audience

Another reason why your SEO efforts may not be as fruitful as you desire is because you are not targeting the right audience. Think about the words that your audience would use to actually search for your products or services. However, think about if other people may use those words to search for unrelated products. For example, some may search for “dog kennel” when they need to buy a dog crate, and others may search for this when they need dog boarding services. Being more specific with your targeted words will provide better results in some cases.

Search engine optimization can be highly effective for some people, but it can have limited results or may even backfire in some cases. If you are concerned about your SEO campaign results, you may seek professional assistance from an SEO company.

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